Friday, August 21, 2009

Checkup X 3

What better way to start a Friday than at the Brenham Clinic?!? No, not due to the result of a fall from the playscape, but it was check up time. A&A needed their 3 yr check up and Caleb his 18 month. Dr. Draehn gave all a clean bill of health. We are SO blessed to have such healthy children. Here's a few numbers from the appt:

Austin: 35lbs, 37 1/2 inches, - in 90th% for height and weight
Avery - 32lbs, 36 inches - in 90% for height, 80% weight
Caleb - 26 lbs, 31 3/4 inches - in 25% for height, 50% weight

Caleb was the only one who needed shots. He took it like a pro. When he started to cry, Avery & Austin came over to him and started rubbing him on his back... it was so sweet!!! The balloon and sticker at the end of the appointment made their morning.

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