Friday, August 28, 2009

School report...

We have made it through the first week of a new school year. School buses and school "traffic" were sure signs on Monday morning that school is back in session. Caleb did not have too much of a change from his summer routine. He has new teachers and new kids, but he is in the same general area and many of his helpers are the same from the summer. Our big step for him has been getting him to wear tennis shoes. The boy has lived in Crocs the last 6 months, but later in the year they will be going to the big playgound and tennis shoes are a must.

Avery & Austin are loving school and Ms. Jones. The first day their report home said that Avery loved playing with the Barbies and Austin enjoyed the garage center with the cars. They have made new friends... I think. When I ask Avery who she played with at school she says "Austin" and Austin's response is "Avery". One change I can see is that they are really starting to "pretend" more. Last night Austin was the daddy driving the car and Avery was the mommy driving one of the push toys.

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