Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Are they all yours?!?"

Saturday night we attended a wedding reception for a good friend of ours in Rockne - a very small town/community just outside of Bastrop. Both the bride and groom are from there so it was pretty much the town that was invited plus a few "outsiders" like us. Don't get me wrong, the people are very friendly and the families are so welcoming, but when we walked through the door I felt eyes on us and people were thinking "who are they?" We kind of stand out when we have 3 toddlers clinging to us. As the night went on and we were able to get around and talk more as our kids ran around the dance floor, I got a better taste of what people were thinking about us. These are a few of the comments/questions we heard from complete strangers:
"It makes me tired just watching ya'll"
"Did ya'll plan to have each one a year apart?" - I then explained that A&A were twins.
"Did you plan that?" - pretty bold question if you ask me
"I think I'd have to drink a lot to do what you guys do"
"Are they all yours?" - my favorite, no, we picked them up on the side of the road
It was interesting to me that most people did not automatically assume that A&A were twins, but then again if they weren't my own children, I might not either because they don't look a lot alike.... dark hair, brown eyes & blond hair, blue eyes. We did get our fair share of compliments, "you have a beautiful family & your kids are all so adorable". I'm not going to disagree.

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