Friday, September 25, 2009

First night under the Friday Night Lights

Tonight we decided to pack up our crew and attend our first Brenham Cub football game. We were going to go a few weeks ago, but it got rained out, so tonight was the night.... ready or not. We put on our "Go Cub" green and met up with Toppe and Grandpa at the gate to help us out. Tonight was Homecoming so we made it through half time to see the queen crowned and then headed home. Avery & Austin were pretty much in awe of everything going on. It is pretty obvious that Avery is not a fan of big crowds and loud noises so she clung pretty tight to either Wes or I. Austin enjoyed watching the boys on the football field and the Cub mascot. Caleb enjoyed the popcorn. I have a feeling we'll enjoy plenty more football games in the future - Super Cubs, Pump It Up.

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