Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fair time

We took the kids down to the fair to check out the animals and ride rides. They did ok around the animals and didn't mind touching them since they were in pens. We were very happy to find out that Caleb was tall enough to ride most of the rides that A&A could ride so we put them all on a ride and watched as they went round and round. The smiles on their faces made it all worth it.
As we ended our late night we stopped for a fair must-have, funnel cake. YUM!
More fair posts and pics below. Check them out.


The Ehlerts said...

These are all waaaay tooo cute, looks like the whole gang had a great time...hope yall make it to a UT game this year!

Ann said...

The smiles on their faces made my day! Love the pony ride.