Wednesday, September 2, 2009

When sickness hits - 1 is better than 3

We have been so very lucky (knock on wood) that our kids have been very healthy. Yes, we get the occasional bug or low grade fever, but for the most part our sick days have been few and far between. With three little ones it's pretty much a given that if there is something major going around, one of our kiddos is going to get it.... just part of school/daycare. The challenge is keeping it an isolated case and not spreading it to everyone else in the house. So, today when I got a call from St. Pauls that Avery woke up from nap throwing up, I had two main thoughts 1) My poor princess, I hope she is ok and this is just a short bug 2) we have got to do what we can to make sure Austin and Caleb don't catch whatever she has. Having to take a sick day from work to stay home and give a little tlc is no problem, but taking 3 or 4 with sick kids is no fun. Wes and I usually split our time at home if we can, but still it's no cake walk. I am pretty sure Avery is pretty much already over her bug and so far it has only spread to one person.... me. Wes has been wiping everything down since he got home. We'll pay extra attention to making sure drinks and food aren't being shared over the next few days - easier said than done. Hopefully this will only effect the ladies of the house and we will be well by the weekend.

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