Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Note home from school...

Last week on Caleb's daily report he had more than the usual "Caleb had a great day." Instead, it said "Caleb has been grabbing the other kids clothes and pulling them to the floor." Uh oh.... wonder where he has seen this? Can't be from daddy & A&A "wrestling" on the floor in their room. The next day I went in to pick Caleb up early and talked with the teacher to find out what was going on. Apparently he prefers to pick on the girls, especially the ones that scream. Oh dear!!!! Our challenge has been how to address it when it is something that happens at school, guess he knows he can't do this with Austin & Avery at home. Even today, it says he is still pulling them down, but at least now he is stopping when the teacher tells him to stop.

Another thing to note is that I think A&A's pull up days are coming to an end. Up until about a week ago, we had them in Pull Ups at night time only. They have been sleeping in panties/underwear for a little over a week. Avery is good about getting up when she has to go potty in the middle of the night and Austin has had a few accidents.... the boy sleeps so hard so I don't think he can feel it, even if he wets the bed. I'm sure more accidents will come, but if I can scratch Pull Ups off of the grocery list, I will be a happy mama - until it's Caleb's turn.

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