Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Birthday Shout Outs!

We've had a few big birthdays to celebrate this last week that are blog worthy. Last week Uncle Steve turned the big 3-0. Poor guy was so bummed about leaving life in the twenties that he and Candice jetted to Key West for the weekend. Actually he's taking the thirties pretty well and I think he and Candice had a great time down in Margaritaville.
Yesterday was Toppe's birthday! She spent the day in Austin for work and was able to spend the evening with Grandpa Pete in Rockdale. At 96, he made her supper.... oyster stew. Don't love the meal, but love the hands that prepared it.
Yesterday was also Granny Maurer's birthday. We continue to pray for her and hope she is able to get well very soon after getting very sick and being in ICU for several days. She is in a care center in College Station and is working day by day to get stronger.

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