Saturday, December 11, 2010

Santa's Wonderland

Last Friday, Toppe & Grandpa treated us to a trip to Santa's Wonderland in College Station. We had the perfect Texas winter night - no coats required. The hayride throughout the lights was amazing. All I could think was "Who put up ALL those lights? and How long did it take?" All I could hear my kids say was "MOM, look.... look mom... over there mom, LOOK at that.... MOM look over there... MOM.... LOOK.... Mom look, that's awesome!" The looks on their faces was priceless. We checked out Santa's Town and rode the ponies and checked out the petting zoo. It was a great night! We opted for supper at GattiTown, an exhausting experience in itself and we didn't even make it to the game room. Soemthing about wide open rooms and buffets seems to create lots of challenges for this mama.
Thanks Toppe and Grandpa for the special holiday treat!

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