Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mama duck did it all on her own...

We've had ducks on our property for as long as I can remember.  When Wes and I first started dating we'd come over to "the tank" to water trees and feed the fish and ducks. There's something about ducks that I've always liked... it's probably the fact that they are so low maintenance, but I admit there is something peaceful about the way they glide across the water all day long without a care in the world.
With the ducks, we get duck eggs.  Mama duck usually waddles up to our house and finds a place in the flower beds to make a nest and lay for a  few weeks.  The eggs usually don't make it.  Between snakes, racoons, and other country critters, something usually gets the eggs when mama duck gets off the nest and she then waddles back down to the tank to get on with her life.  On a few occasions, Wes has taken a few of the eggs out of a nest and put them in an incubator to hatch out.  Up until Easter, we were down to two white ducks and a mallard that called our tank their home.  We had about 8 ducks hatch out from eggs that Wes incubated from the mama duck that was laying eggs by our front driveway.  They were born right around Easter and Wes put them in the large quail pen until they were able to make it out on their own.
Well wouldn't you know, mama duck started another nest, this time in the back flowerbed by the back door.  She was well hidden and obviously very diligent as this is what Wes found when he got home from Port O'Conner on Tuesday.
 Mama Duck hatched out 7 baby ducks!
 Way to go mama duck!
 Waddling down to the tank, aka home.

 Their first swim.  They were naturals!

They are so cute!  The whole process is just amazing.  


Dayna Heine said...

So sweet!!!!! I bet the kids loved them!!!

Natalie said...

They are precious! How fun for the kids (and you and Wes) to watch them grow! I miss ours!

The Parker's said...

That is so cute!!