Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Another candle on the cake

Got to celebrate my bday weekend in Austin this past weekend.  The kids got in their first swim of the season at Uncle Jason's and it was comforting to see their swim skills come back to them after a short amount of time.  My one birthday request was to do some shopping on my own, so I left out Saturday morning solo and believe it or not, I never once entered a children's clothing store.  After retail therapy, I caught up with the rest of my crew at the UT/A&M baseball tailgate.  Had a good time talking to our ol' Austin crew and watching some college baseball.  Sat night we were back at Jason's celebrating the day and   toasting to another candle on the cake. 34 if you're counting.

My surprise gift from Wes - an iPad2!  Got it in white and I love it!!!  


Team Trevino said...

Happy Birthday!!


Soooo great to see you guys! Let's do it again soon!