Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Other things

My latest posts have been about events and new ventures for the kiddos but of course there are the day to day happenings that keep us on our toes.  A few highlights:
-  Caleb continues to feel the need to argue about what I pick out to wear for him every morning.  In fact, I don't even get clothes out for him anymore.  He spends about 10 minutes rummaging through clothes and pulling shirts off hangeers before picking out the same outfit pretty much everyday.  Please tell me this is a stage!  He still prefers to wear whatever his daddy is wearing, especially at bedtime. 
-  I'll post more about tball in a few days, but Austin made 3 outs at his game Monday night! 
-  Avery continues to love to read.  I sometimes forget she can read and I'll start telling her something that is written down.  She'll turn to me and say "I know that mom, I can read!" in her sassiest of voices.
-  I'm realizing that A&A only have a few more days of school at St. Paul's.  The thought fills me with a variety of emotions, one being panic - panic that we will never make it to school on time.  They'll have to be at school by 8am next year and we are usually pulling out the driveway about that time.  I'm going to have to learn that the snooze button is not an option.
-  There are days that we seem to have a case of the "sillies".  Each one tries to be sillier than the other for attention.  It is ok for a while, but it can drive a mama crazy!
-  Say a prayer for my grandpa as he has been handed a diagnosis that is not very promising. 
Til next time...

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