Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A trip to the coast

We decided to keep the kids out of St. Paul's this week.... gives them a bit of a break before they start back for the summer.  Wes was ready to take a trip to Port O'Conner, so he decided he'd take the kids Sun - Tues.  My vacation days are very limited so I wasn't able to make the trip, but Mimi and Popo went along and by all indications, everyone had a grand time.  

 Not exactly sure what this was all about, but it was a pretty awesome sand castle none the less.
 Boat fishing.  The big news reports I got were that Avery fought a big sting ray for about 30 minutes before it broke the line.  Caleb caught 2 crabs!
 Wes had a little help when seining for bait.
 The lighting is not the best on this, but they were obviously in silly moods.  They loved feeding the fish leftovers to the pelicans.  Wes said they were asking all the people cleaning the fish at the bait dock if they could have the "guts" to feed to the pelicans.
 Filling in his mama on the days events.
 Wonder if she had the Old Maid?  Not sure, but she sure does look a bit scary.
 The fisherman... this guys has it down.  He'll be shadowing his daddy in no time.
Ahhh.... retired life.  Popo and Mimi were able to make the trip down to POC and provide a little back up in supervision.

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~October~ said...

My mom and her hubby are building a house in POC! Just off the shore. Carl fishes down there almost every weekend.