Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Angels, Lambs,Lady Bugs & Fireflys

Today was Austin & Avery's 1st school Christmas program - "Angels, Lambs, Ladybugs, & Fireflies." It was a cute story about other insects going to spread the good news of Jesus's birth. Of course you had to listen very carefully to get that story line because the majority of the time kids were crying and calling out for "mommy." Avery and Austin were lambs, very cute lambs I might add. The program was for 2's - Kindergarteners and the teachers did the best they could with what they had to work with. Avery spotted me as they were walking into the gym and that pretty much ruined her for the rest of the program. Austin was pretty mellow through most of it. I think he found the kids standing behind him more enjoyable than the crowd in front and he obviously got a little restless because by the time the program was over he was missing one black glove and his lamb ears.

Above is Austin standing with his class. Got to love that belly....
Avery walking in the gym... not sure what is going on.
After the program we treated the kids to McDonalds. We don't get to do things like that often with our work schedules so it was a good break from the "norm" and a fun treat for them. The not so fun part was hearing them say "Mama, I no go to back to school, I go home"... all the way back to school.

They thought the jelly beans on the table were so very cool.

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