Sunday, December 14, 2008

Avery's Letter to Santa

Dear Santa-
I have been a very good girl this year.... most of the time. Mommy and daddy told me that you only bring toys to good girls and boys, so I have really been trying to behave. I am trying to learn to share with my brothers. They always try to take my toys away from me, so I run away as fast as I can.
My mommy has a list of things she thinks I need for Christmas, but if I could write and make a list of my very own, this is what it would look like:
1) Dora pull ups - I love to take them all out of the drawer, put them in a bag and then drag them around the house. It keeps me busy for hours.
2) Shoes - Pink ones, purples ones, shiny ones, sparkly ones
3) Chap stick - I love carrying it around all day long....
4) Pens and paper - I prefer the paper my daddy writes on... I like to write on the sheets he makes all his lists on
5) Hair clips - I've lost all my other ones around mommy's house. She's always finding them in random places
6) Princess books
7) Purple pony
8) Karyoke machine - I need keep practicing for American Idol.
9) Bubble bath - Dora... it's pink!
10) Markers - the kind mommy doesn't want me to write with because it leaves marks on the walls and furniture... I want them anyway.
Can't wait to see the presents under the tree. Instead of cookies and milk, I'm going to leave you Chex Mix and Apple Juice. That's my favorite snack these days.

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