Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Toppe!!!

Today is Toppe's birthday. We all went to church and then had the fam over for lunch to celebrate. Austin and Avery have been practicing singing "Happy Birthday" all week long. I think they sang it at least 17 times on the way to church this morning.... I wish I could figure out how to upload video on our computer so I could show the video of us practicing singing "Happy Birthday" last week. Everytime they would blow out the candles, Avery would say "one more time.... let's sing it one more time." It's pretty hilarious.
There are some days when I don't know if I could make it without Toppe. She is a great mom and an absolutely AWESOME Toppe. There are days when Avery & Austin wake up and the first thing that comes out of their mouths is "I want to go to Toppe's house." I don't blame them, they have as many toys there as they do at our house and she pretty much spoils them rotten... I know that Toppe is going to be a very important part of Austin, Avery, & Caleb's lives in the years to come....

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