Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Parade

This weekend was the Christmas Stroll in downtown Brenham. One of the highlight events of the weekend was the lighted parade and this year First Baptist had 3 floats and I signed the kids up to ride. Our float theme was "Jesus Warms My Heart" and we threw out hot chocolate. They gave parents the option to ride along and it was obvious by the way that Austin clung to me when we walked up to the float, that either Wes or I would be riding. I took the honors and jumped on.

Austin was really excited about the whole event!

Here we are as along the parade route.

Caleb and Wes got to watch the parade as spectators. Caleb was bundled up... it was cold out!

Austin and Avery did get to see Santa ride in on the fire truck. They thought that was pretty cool!

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