Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas cards = STRESS

BY FAR, the most difficult/stressful part of the Christmas season this year has been Christmas cards. I have this vision of the perfect Christmas card going out that has a picture of three adorable children putting ornaments on the tree.... all dressed in their new shirts and Christmas dress, all looking and smiling at the camera, all cooperating with the photographer (me)..... Well, maybe when pigs fly.
Having all three kids in a cooperative mood is next to impossible, especially if it involves cooperating for a camera. They were dressed up nice for pics with Santa, yet even with a photograper taking the picture, we didn't get a decent shot. So this year I finally just settled for a pic where all the kids are somewhat looking... I just hope I can get them out by Christmas....

These aren't any that are on the Christmas card... but these are the kids of shots I get....

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