Friday, March 20, 2009

Be careful what you promise....

Last night was a big night in our house, Austin went poopoo in the potty! Up to this point he has shown no interest. Wes was able to convince him last night and hallelujah he did it. As Wes was trying to talk him into going, he promised Austin that if he went, he could have ice cream on a cone. The cone is a big deal in our house because when we do let them eat ice cream we make them eat out of a bowl.... two year olds and cones just done mix. Daddy is usually the only one who gets to eat ice cream on a cone. Well, after his big accomplishment, Austin came running into the kitchen saying "Mama, Mama, I went poopoo in the potty! I want ice cream on a cone." I opened up the cabinet door and pulled out the box of cones - EMPTY. Uh oh... I turned the box upside down to show Austin and apologized to him that I didn't have any cones. You could tell he was a bit upset, but he enjoyed his ice cream in a bowl anyway. I promised him we'd go to the store today and get more cones. This morning on our way to school he said "mama, when you pick me up today, we have to go to the store to get ice cream cones. Daddy ate all the other ones."

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