Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just some random things......

Not anything specific to blog about so I thought I would throw out some random things going on with the kids:
- potty training.... we took 2 steps forward and then 3 steps back. Avery was doing so well and now it just doesn't seem to interest her. The Skittles no longer do the trick and a sticker chart didn't seem to be the thing to do either. "It will happen when they are ready"... I know, I know...
- Caleb loves to give high 5's and open mouth kisses
- Avery does not like to be told "no". She reponds with intentional bad behavior.
- A new fun thing for us to do is have tea (sprite) parties. I cut up cheese, pickles and fruit and the twins make funny faces out of it on their plate and then eat it.
- Austin and Caleb prefer to be outside when they can. Avery would rather be inside.
- Caleb loves to bouce balls.
- We tend to have melt downs after bath time. That's when we know it is time to go to bed.

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