Saturday, February 28, 2009

A windy Saturday

We have an incredible weekend planned.... nothing. I am trying to play catch up on laundry and chores since I was out part of the week at a conference in Austin. Wes is outside trying to take care of a few things since he couldn't get out and do much while I was away. Yes, he kept all 3 kids by himself... with a little assistance from Mimi & Popo. We can't get out and do too much outside today.... the wind would blow the kids away. We live on a hill and we REALLY feel it. Avery and Austin have been playing so well together all morning and Caleb was doing pretty good until he got sleepy. So, there you have it, a pretty uneventful day. I think we have something going on the next 5 weekends so I'm enjoying staying in my jammies today.

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