Sunday, February 15, 2009

95 and counting....

Saturday was not only Valentines, but it was a very special birthday party for a very special man in our lives.... Grandpa Keen or "Grandpa Pete" as Austin and Avery call him. Grandpa Pete (my mom's dad) turned 95 and we had a party at their church to celebrate. There was a great turn out, no doubt a lot of people think highly of Grandpa Pete. Grandpa isn't one for big crowds, but you could tell he loved the attention as well as seeing family that drove a good distance to be there. He was so proud of a picture that a friend of theirs was able to refurbish with Photo Shop. It was a picture of his parents and siblings before he was born in front of the house he was born raised in. It's the only picture of the house they had so it meant a lot to him. Grandpa Pete was born 1914 and has lived an unbelievably full life.... and he's still kickin'. He still goes down to the farm and gives his two cents about how things should be done. He loves to watch college sports on tv and has a better mind than I do most days. Happy Birthday, Grandpa Pete!!

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