Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jamie & Kyle's Wedding

Here's a few pictures from the wedding this weekend. I am praying that the photographer got some good shots. Avery & Austin played their role as flower girl and ring bearer to a T!

Dear God, please help me to walk down that aisle and stand still so that I can get the surprise that Mommy has in her car.

Princess Avery practicing her twirl for the dance later on.
Austin looked so handsome and much to my surprise kept his tux on the whole night.
Baby Caleb was dressed up too! He on the other hand was not crazy about keeping the tux on.

Kennedy Schramm and Avery. This is one of the only shots I got of them without the Twizzlers they carried around before the ceremony.

The flower girls found the piano!

The Maurer Boys!

Kelcie Maurer and Caleb.

Uncle Jason and Avery. Jason was the coordinator for the wedding and he did an AMAZING job.

The wedding party.
Bride and groom and munchkins.

We got married this weekend 7 years ago!

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