Sunday, February 22, 2009

Finally... a little down time

Seems like we have been in a rat race since Thursday afternoon. Today we are all enjoying a little down time. Actually as I blog (is blog a verb? oh well, it is now), all the kids are sleeping, Wes has escaped outside to play on the tractor and I am sitting on the couch with my feet propped up and it's only 12:30pm. Usually putting A&A down for a nap on Sunday afternoons is like pulling teeth, but today all it took was watching Mickey Mouse Club House for about 30 minutes and they were out. Their little bodies need some extra rest! We cleaned up most everything this morning so I am allowing myself to sit and just be.
Uncle Jason stayed the night last night and this morning we were able to get out a bit, despite the cold wind, and try out the kites he brought for the kids. He got them 2 really great kites, a fish and an elephant. These pics are of Jason showing Austin how to make the elephants ears flap in the wind.
I'm hoping the sun warms things up a bit and we can spend the afternoon outside.

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