Thursday, February 12, 2009

A trip to the hospital

No worries, no one is hurt. Popo got a new knee!!! Well, he had a partial knee replacement done on Wednesday so we went to see him in the hospital tonight. Austin enjoyed pushing the elevator buttons and both Avery & Austin got a kick out of the hospital bed that moved up and down. Avery decided she wanted one of them at home!

After the hospital we headed over to Target. Avery & Austin were in heaven, especailly in the dollar aisle. Our main goal of the night was to find Caleb a forward facing carseat, but Avery was more fascinated with the Pull Up and wipe boxes on the end of the aisles. Dora pull ups!!! She grabbed a few shirts while we were walking through the clothing and they both grabbed Valentine cards from the card section. Those mysteriously left the basket before we checked out. We didn't make it out with a car seat, but we were able to fill the basket with other "neccesities". That always happens at Target!
After Target we needed to grab a bite to eat so since we were out of town we thought we'd go some place different. Where did we wind up?? You got it.... McDonald's. Not my favorite place by far, but we stopped at one with a great indoor play area and Avery & Austin were in heaven. Caleb even got to play a little too.

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