Sunday, February 22, 2009

Caleb's 1st Birthday Party

Friends and family came, a big meal was prepared, a special cake was made, "Happy Birthday" was sung, presents were open and Caleb will remember none of it!!! Oh well, we have a few pics and stories to share. It was cool and windy outside so most everyone mingled in the house and out in the garage, but no one seemed to mind. Caleb was fashionably late to his own party. At 4pm he still had not gone down for his second nap and the party was scheduled to start at 5pm so I called in back up and Aunt Dorothy came and picked him up so I could get last minute things done. He fell asleep right away with her and arrived to a house full of people around 6pm. He loved his cake, as did everyone else. Mimi did a great job on the cake, it was scrumptous. I think Caleb opened one gift and the rest Austin and Avery tore through. I tried my best to keep up with who gave what. Overall it was a great party!!
Caleb's cake.
Wes & Caleb grubbing on some fajitas.
Caleb enjoyed his cake!

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