Saturday, March 7, 2009

"Country" life.....

In these early days of spring, it is becoming apparent that we will be spending much of our upcoming days outside. Austin and Caleb both love being outside and Avery usually tolerates it as long as everyone else is outside.

Here's a few of the ducks that live on the pond. Thought they deserved a little blog time.

Here's Austin throwing out the dip net into the pond. No doubt we will spend many an hour down here with him.

Here he is catching a "fish". It's one of those rubber ones that stays attached. A sure catch everytime! He can cast like a pro....

This is taken from across the tank so it's not a real great shot, but it is Avery fedding the ducks. They have gotten much more tame over the last year and will come right up to the bowl as the kids pour in their corn.

Here's Wes carrying Caleb and holding Avery's hand to go feed the ducks. He is glad the kids are now able to be outside without needing too much attention so that he can share all the things he enjoys about the outdoors with them.

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