Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Break???

I can honestly say that "Spring Break" isn't much of a break for us.... just another week. Once the kids get older and start grade school I am sure it will have more significance. Kind of hard to believe it is spring as I sit here bundled up.... it's a balmy 43 degrees outside. Last week's 80 degree temps were just teasers. I say bring on the warm weather! Yesterday we had Easter pics with the bunnies, thankfully they were scheduled inside. I felt a bit cruel carrying Avery in for pics in her cute pink sleeveless dress and open toed sandals. as the cold rain was pouring down. She didn't seem to mind. They did great with the bunnies. I felt sorry for the one Austin was holding. He probably questioned if he was going to squezze his guts out. Austin was holding on TIGHT!!!!!

We are seeing a little progress in potty training these last few days, especially with Avery. She is starting to go poopoo on the potty... YEAH!!! Wes had told her that if she went on the potty we could go eat at McDonald's. Guess where we get to hang out on a Saturday night in Btown!?!? If it will keep her going, I am willing to do whatever it takes. Austin on the other hand isn't quite down with the whole potty thing... we've got some work to do there.

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