Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Where is Emeril when you need him?

It is no secret that I am no cook. As hard as I may occasionally try, I just never get it "right". We have been eating on the go these last few nights... eating out of a can, box, or whatever we can justify as a meal. So tonight I was determined to "cook" - steak, chicken, potatoes, carrots, salad AND rolls. It reminded me that if we ever won the lottery I would either sign up with one of those places that delivers fresh healthy meals to you daily or if we win big we will have our own personal chef. Wes tried to keep the kids entertained outside, but once Caleb wanted to be inside with me, my meal was down the drain. The potatoes boiled too long, the baked chicken tenders didn't get flipped and the rolls didn't stay in as long as I liked. On the flip side, we at least all sat down together as a family and ate. That lasted for maybe 4 minutes, but it happened. Good news, everyone ate and no one got sick!

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Kari said...

You're 3 steps ahead of me...I don't even try!! It's a good thing my kids like hamburger helper!!