Thursday, March 26, 2009


Wes gets points for Dad of the Year. He picked Austin & Avery up from school midafternoon and headed out to the lake to meet up with Popo for the weekend. He has been wanting to take the kids camping and this was the weekend he scheduled. They aren't roughing it too bad... they have Popo's camper. The kids were excited to get to use the shower with the handle sprayer - it's the little things! I am not much for camping, but I will go out tomorrow evening with Caleb for a while. I did talk to the kids on the phone and they were all excited. They had been to the park with the BIG slide, fed the ducks bread out of their hands, gone riding on the boat, - Avery made it clear she did not like when Popo started to drive fast - they saw big bucks and squirrels.... they were having a really fun time. I'm hoping everyone sleeps ok in the camper. I know I am going to sleep just fine in my comfy warm bed!

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