Sunday, May 16, 2010

All in a Kids Day

The kids school has a spring musical for the Bouncing Bears (3 yr olds) and 1st graders every year. This year's muscial fell the night before we were leaving for a 4-day get away to San Antonio so on our way to the musical, my mind was focused on packing and making mental notes of what all we could not forget.

Well, every mental note escaped my mind as the curtains opened and I was drawn to "All in a Kids Day" for a full hour. I was not expecting such a production! We're not talking Broadway, but those 1st graders were on cue every time and our Bouncing Bears were precious as could be as they sang their 5 songs about a day in a kids life. At one point I think I may have even had tears in my eyes as I watched Austin and Avery sing along. It was a major mommy moment. A very special thanks to Ms. Amy & Ms Deidra for their amazing work with the kids.


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