Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Parade ride on a Fire Truck

I am going to back up a bit to this past Saturday, the day before Mother's Day. I was getting to fulfill a Mother's Day request and go shopping with my mom, just the two of us and after a late night at the Junior Maifest Coronation, Wes was going to lay low around the house with the kids. How quickly plans can change.... I wasn't around when Wes got the call, so I am telling this second hand, but about 10:10am Wes got a call from Uncle Doug. Uncle Doug is a fireman and he was driving one of the antique firetrucks in the Senior Maifest Parade. Apparently some of the riders on the truck didn't show up and they had room on the truck for 3 adorable toddlers. What a great opportunity for three kids who take note of whether the doors to the fire trucks are closed or open everyday as we drive past the fire station on the way to school. But, there was going to be a challenge to making this happen.... it was 10:10am when Wes got the call and the parade started at 10:30am and the fire trucks were one of the first things to go in the parade AND everyone was still in their jammies AND it takes at least 10 minutes to get from our house to downtown Brenham... that doesn't include parking! Wes accepted the challenge. Clothes were thrown on... that is proven by Austin's striped shirt and plaid shorts, hair was left alone and everyone was out the door. Not sure how he did it, though Wes said the kids were very cooperative. They probably heard "ride firetruck" and were super excited and didn't really have time to process that they would be riding the trucks that they love to look at but hate to hear. At 10:21, Wes was driving out the drive way. A minute later he was turning around and calling me to find out where the camera was... way to go Wes - the moment had to be captured!!! Not sure how he made it, but the kids were on the fire truck as it headed down Main Street. Wes did say there was a point where Austin's flip flops were falling off and Wes told him to just hold them and RUN. From reports I got, the kids LOVED the ride. Thanks, Uncle Doug and Daddy for making this happen!!!!