Tuesday, May 25, 2010

That is NOT a caterpillar....

As I mentioned in my previous post, we have lots of bugs around - not in the house - just on our property. Austin & Caleb don't seem to be scared of picking up whatever is crawling around and putting it in their bug box. June bugs are a favorite find and pill bugs have no chance when they are found. Two days ago Austin found a caterpillar crawling and put it in his bug box. We talked about it making a cocoon and turning into a butterfly. I'm pretty sure it got out already. The boys have an issue about just watching the bugs.... they'd rather hold/torture them.
So now onto my story about what happend this morning before work/school. We had left a bag of trash sitting outside overnight and Wes was going to be taking it to work to their dumpster. Overnight the trash got maggots which must have crawled out onto the driveway. When Wes went to get the bag at 5:30am, he shook off the disgusting creatures and took the trash away. Two hours later, it was time for the kids and I to load up in the car. I saw no signs of anything crawling on the ground, but I do remember Austin bending down to pick up something in the cracks between the sidewalk. Minutes later I am leaning over to load him in the car and he opens his hand and says "Look Mama". I freaked out, hit his hand and smushed a maggot with my shoe. I was totally grossed out and I scared Austin to death. "NO Mama", he cried. "That was my caterpillar." Poor guy was heart broken and stunned.


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