Sunday, May 23, 2010

Country Critters

So I just posted about having a mini HEB veggie section right outside our back door, a definite livin' in the country perk, right? Well with the good, there is the bad and there are quite a few bad things that attempt to make a home way too close to our house. Snakes, rats, spiders, bugs... all that creepy stuff. It's really not that bad since we keep things pretty clean around the property, but every once in a while something crawls up and puts us on critter alert.

Snakes are the creepiest! The kids know to come get mommy & daddy and never touch a snake.

Black widow spider! This scares me the most. Wes found this by one of the light fixtures on the front porch.

This rat enjoyed feasting on duck eggs in a nest that one of the ducks had near the house.... that is until Wes caught him.

So this isn't so bad, but I still consider him a country critter. We held the turtle captive for about a week and then he disappeared one morning.... on purpose.


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