Thursday, October 20, 2011

Austin's super powers

Last night we were on the way home from the homecoming parade and Wes was telling the kids that they could have one more piece of candy out of the bag they collected from the parade and then the rest would be put away when we got home.  That followed with "NO!!!"  "We want more!".  Then Austin chimed in, "If I had super powers, I would freeze you and mommy so that we could eat all the candy."  We couldn't help but laugh and I responded "Then who would fix your supper for you?"  He thought about it and let us know he'd unfreeze us after all the candy was gone.  Yes, this comes from my cartoon watcher. 

As for the homecoming parade, you can't beat a good ole' small town parade.  I had may camera set on a manual setting and all my pics came out extrememly dark.  Had they turned out, you would have seen Caleb riding with Uncle Doug in the fire truck, Austin riding on the football team float beside Malcom Brown and Avery collecting an unbelieveable amount of candy along the parade route.  Good times!

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The Farmers Nest said...

I can't wait to meet you because it seems as though we are always at the same place and time. Love our small town parades!