Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Where have you been?"

That was the first sentence in an email that Wes sent me this morning.  Good news is that he does read our blog.  Bad news is, he had to correct me on a lot of chicken information I stated in my latest post.  This just goes to show how hands off I have been with the chickens... could be why I took so long to blog about them.  And I guess I am dedicating another whole post to them because I was way off on my information.

So.... we did not receive eggs in the mail.  We recieved chicks, yes they delivered baby chicks in a box through the mail.  Now I remember thinking that was really crazy!!!  And he specifically ordered 5 rhode island reds, 5 white leghorn and 5 americans.  2 of the white leghorsn died early on and one went missing last week.  The green eggs come to us curtousy of the americanas, so we have 5 chickens laying green eggs, not 2.  Boy was I off on that one!

Thanks for the clarification, honey.  You always do have to keep me in check.

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