Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday evening ramble...

It is well before 9pm and our house is quiet.  Caleb is staying with Popo and Mimi tonight since he will be heading out to the golf course with Popo early in the morning.  This is his first night to stay away from us by himself.  Is it bad that I am not worried about him?  As for the golf tomorrow, I hope Popo packs lots of snacks for 18-holes!  Avery fell asleep on the couch shortly after we found her Halloween costume online and Austin is wrapped up in Aladdin on the Disney Channel.  Wes has resorted to our bedroom to watch either college football or hunting, likely channel surfing between the two.  All this peaceful action give me a little time to sit and ramble.
This afternoon I took a glance at the invites we have tacked up next to the October calendar.  They include 6 kid birthdays, a Boys & Girls Club benefit polo match, a November wedding, a family reunion and a church fall festival.  Add to that our annual hayride, a trip to the deer lease, and a family photo shoot and I'd say we've got plenty to do this month.  Let's not forget a few nights a week at the park for soccer games.  Yes, this is why times flies by!
We are over six weeks into school and so far so good.  Avery has managed to stay on "green" almost everyday for behavior.  The days she hasn't been on green she's gone to "gold" which means she did something super or had excellent behavior.  We love gold days!  Austin has had a few gold days, mostly green, but he did come with one yellow.  Apparently he chose to pull a girl's finger back when she had something he wanted.  I can live with one yellow day.... we all have our bad days.  So far behavior has been no concern of mine, homework on the other hand has created a few challenges and not only because they sometimes don't want to do it.  Sometimes we have a hard time making time for it.  I must do better in making it a more regular part of our routine.  Caleb is doing great as a Bouncing Bear.  He is still quite the ladies man.  When I asked him the other day how many girlfriends he had, his response without hesitation was "14"!  We are in trouble!
Enough ramble for now.... Happy Fall! 

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