Sunday, October 9, 2011

Granny G's Birthday

We celebrated a special birthday last week.  Granny Grabaschick turned 96 and any 96th birthday deserves a celebration. Granny G lives at Gazebo Terrace, an assisted living facility and she's gotten to where she is not real crazy about getting out.  Well we couldn't let that stop a birthday party, we took the party to her.  After church we all met for a meal of fried chicken, lots of sides and angel food cake... all her favorites.  Happy Birthday Granny G!
 Happy Birthday Granny G!
Granny G, her daughters and grandkids.  Not real sure what Avery was trying to do with her face.  Be the end of the meal the kids had been told "settle down" and "don't do that" enough.  They were ready to get out and run around.

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