Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cheer Camp

Go CUBS!!!
 Avery participated in Cheer Camp last Sunday at Brenham High School.  It was 3 hours of nonstop cheering and dancing for the girls, 3 hours that moms and dads were not allowed to watch.  We came back at the end so that the girls could show us their new moves.  Not sure if we have a cheerleader on our hands or not, but she seemed to dig it this time around.  She is going to have to build up her stamina, she was sound asleep by the time we were out of the parking lot.
 Avery & Sienna Kelm at Cheer Night at Cub Stadium.
 Avery's Cheer group - there were 3 kindergarten groups.
 Cheer night at Cub Stadium.... so, last night all the girls (175) that particpated in cheer camp had to be at the stadium at 6:15pm.  Each received pom poms, megaphone, and t-shirt that they wore out on field for their pregame performance.
 Go Cubs!
Avery made a friend.  Cheerleader Adrienne and Avery seemed to bond and each time they were together, Adrienne wound up carry Avery off the field. 

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