Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bring on the snow...

I can say packing for 5 for a winter vacation is a much more difficult task than packing for the beach.  We are headed to Steamboat, CO for a few days for the kids first ski trip and in reality their first time to experience real snow.  Ski bibs, thermals. gloves, turtlenecks and gaitors.  I think we've remembered everything... I hope we've remember everything.  We're flying out early in the morning and hopefully we'll all come home in one piece.
Background story:  We didn't do cold when I was little.  Vacations were always south of Brenham, aka the beach.  When we got married in the month of February, we decided to head to Tahoe to experience white powder and skiing.  Wes had been several times as a kid and was going to give snowboarding a try for the first time so at least we were both "newbies".  Well, that first morning I spent several hours on the bunny hill and I was on the ground more than I was up on skis.  Though athletic and in pretty good shape at the time, skiing and I just didn't jive.  I think the most frustrating part was that everytime I was down on the ground, kids would whiz by me skiing without any problems.  It was quite embarrasing actually.  After a few teary tries, Wes and I headed to the lodge for appetizers and drinks.  Wouldn't you know, the alcohol did the trick.  Think it relaxed me a little and I was more willing to let my body go with the mountain.  I told Wes on that trip that when we had kids, we were taking them skiing early to at least give the chance to see if they like it.  I'd love to make this an annual vacation.... we'll just have to see how this  trip goes. 

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