Friday, January 25, 2013

Steamboat - Day 2

We had a full night's sleep after a full travel day.  Saturday morning we were up and ready for a day of sking.  I think dressing three kids in layers for skiing is about as exhausitng as sking itself.  We coached them through the process and we managed to get out the door, all feeling like marshmellows. 

Our chauffer (Jason) dropped us off curbside and we headed out to find ski school check in.  The mountain base was a bit crazy... pretty crowded.  We attributed that to the holiday weekend and this was the first decent ski weekend Steamboat had in a few weeks.  (It was -29 the weekend before).  After finding check in, filling out the papers, and dropping off kids, Wes and I headed out on our own.  We managed to find the kids on the learning hill later in the morning and catch them on their first time down on their own.

Austin's first trip down

Avery getting a little coaching down the hill.
 Caleb's first trip down the hill.
 A&A riding up the "lift" at ski school.

After watching the kids for a while, Wes and I headed out on our own.  I needed the day to get my "ski legs" back.  Wes put on his skis and looked like he skied everyday. 

We spent a few hours learning the mountain (I had a few small spills), stopped for drinks and a light lunch at Slopeside Grill, skied a little more and then went to pick up the kids.
They were exhausted.  I think the excitement had worn off.  We had a little time before the lifts closed and Wes wanted to at least take Avery down "Preview" - the bunny hill.  I stayed at the bottom with Austin and Caleb sat with the grandparents who had made it in from their snowmobile trip.  After 2 trips down the bunny hill, Avery was sking down by herself.  Austin tried next and was going down assisted and Caleb was asleep in Popo's arms... a good day indeed.

Saturday was by far the busiest day on the mountain.  I was surprised at the number of kids in ski school but I guess that is what a lot of the kids do.  1 day at school was enough for our kids (and our wallet)... they picked up the basics and learned to "pizza" and "french fry".  It gave them what the needed to head out with us on day 2.

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