Sunday, January 13, 2013

Filling the freezers

Most of the deer brought home from Mason don't have prize trophy racks.  If any deer is worth preserving and mounting it is a known factor in this house that the mounted head will be on display in the garage, not above the mantle.  I have nothing against others who may have that, just not my thing.  The deer brought to our house are cut up, grinded, put in casings, and hung to dry.  I admit that the first few years deer stocked our freezer, I wasn't that crazy about eating it.  I'm still not that crazy about it but there is no better appetizer to take to a family function or set out for a come and go party than dried deer sausage.  This year Wes made lots of dried sausage, deer jerky (great for after school snacks), deer steak, and deer hamburger meat.
Sausage making day.... I hope I'm not offending any vegetarians.
Popo joined in to give his expertise.
I acutally missed out on sausage making day (darn :).  When I got home, the boys were mopping out the garage. 

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