Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Steamboat - Day 5

Travel day back home.... With a full travel day ahead of us, we didn't want to be rushed so we were up and checking out of the condos by 8am. We took our time on our way back to Denver, made a few stops and took in the last of our mountain views for a while. 

On our drive back we were entertained with the thermometer readings.  This is a little blurry but it shows -18 degrees.  BRRRRR....
After turning in our rental suburbans and checking our bags, we grabbed lunch and headed for our loading gate.  Upon arrival we found out the flight was overbooked and Toppe and Gpa didn't have a guaranteed seat on the plane.  To top that off, there were maintenance issues on the plane.  We couldn't complain too much, we had a hassle free trip thus far.  Then we got the notice, via email, that our flight was getting pushed back an hour and a half and there was a gate change.  Wes, Jason & I decided this was a great time to "talk over the trip" and have an adult beverage and get a break away from the kids.  Our flight left Denver around 3:30pm and we were back in Austin at 6:30pm and welcomed to temps in the 60's.  What a change!
Now we are back in Texas and have lots of great memories from the mountains of Steamboat.

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