Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas Morning

 The kids managed to "sleep in" until around 7:30am Christmas morning.  Avery was the first one up and she let the rest of us know that Santa had found his way to our house.  The tree was stacked with presents and after getting them passed out into piles, it was history.
 Ready... set.... open presents
 Santa couldn't get the whole basketball goal down the chimney, but somehow he managed to bring in the backboard. After a little "ballin" the kids can pick out all the worldly places they want to go.
The basketball goal was the big gift of the morning.  A few others included:
Avery - chapter books, clothes, ear rings, and pink basketball
Austin - chapter books, clothes, blue basketball,  slingshot
Caleb - books, clothes, orange basketball, bb's

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